All membership dues must be paid in advance.

When joining MAREP online, you must agree to our Member License Agreement and Terms of Use and our Code of Ethics before you will be taken to the page from which to pay for your membership.

Membership Benefits:

  • FREE access to our legally approved real estate forms online.
  • Discounts on real estate prelicense and continuing education courses though our affiliate schools.
  • Participation in our Professional Designation programs (based upon your education and experience).
  • Discounted rates for real estate sales, management and other brokerage training programs.

MAREP has two levels of Forms Memberships:

  1. Brokers: For brokers that are actively engaged in the real estate business but have no affiliated licensees that are actively working in the business. It also includes firms made up of a husband and wife only.
  2. Brokerages: This membership includes real estate companies and/or brokers who have others licensed under them. We do not charge additional fees based upon the number of licensees in a broker’s office. When the broker joins, all licensees affiliated with the broker will be authorized to use the forms for the duration of the broker’s membership.

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Affiliated licensees who wish to receive additional benefits and recognition for past accomplishments and experience may complete our designation form (provided upon request) and send it to us with an analysis fee of $25. Upon receipt of the completed form and fee, we will analyze the past experience, education and accomplishments of the applicant and award a diploma commensurate with our findings.

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